Tales From The Land Of The Five Seasons

dungeon synth fantasy story

Another World, Another Time

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There are ages that left the memories of men


Like a timeworn stone under the rain.


And amongst them, one is lost forever: Far as the oldest stars,

its light has gone out of our world…  


Drunken Tyrant Dungeon synth

The Drunken Tyrant

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It was during a tremendous storm that the hidden child was found by the King and his guards.


As they were hunting, the storm took them by surprise, forcing them to find a secure place within the Emerald Forest, where “no rain pours and no wind blows”.


There, under a large Greenberry bush, a silent baby wrapped in wealthy clothes was staring at the King quietly. Impressed by the courage of this abandoned child who wasn’t afraid by the storm outside the forest, the King felt instantly something strong toward the baby and took him back to the castle.


Quickly, the King considered the child as his own, even if he already was the father of a young red-haired Prince, aged of seven at this time. The absence of the Queen, who passed away by giving birth to the Prince, led the King to take very good care of both children.


But a spark of bitterness ignited the heart of the young Prince while he was looking at the baby for the first time.


Seven years later, this light became a torch: although being half aged than the Prince, the child of the storm was better than him at horses and sword. Because he was the elder but the weaker,



some at the royal household started to nicknamed him the “old child” behind his back.


Seven more years and the heart of the Prince was filled with the blackest hate, drowned in the Greenberry liquor that he was abusing more and more… His dreams melted in a maze of death and fear while the storm child became the King’s favorite.


It took him seven more years, at the age of twenty-eight, to execute the plan he was obsessed with since so long. It was a cold moonless night and the dinner was just served in the main hall. In one quick movement, the Prince poured secretly the content of a dark phial in the cup of his stepbrother.

However, at the same precise moment, the King proposed a toast: twenty-eight years ago, on that same day, he found the child of the storm in the Emerald Forest and opened to him the gate of his castle and the door to his heart. He turned his eyes to the proud adolescent and said: “ I hereby declare that I recognize you as my son. The Prince, my beloved first child, will one day inherit my Kingdom… but from this day, I solemnly declare that you will be named after me and bear our family name as well! ”. The King, in accordance with tradition, offered his cup to the adolescent. The young man drank with honor a large mouthful and, in turn, gave his own poisoned cup to the King…


The Mocked Prince was petrified and couldn’t stop staring at the green liquor in his own glass: within a few hours, at dawn, he would become King…


Stone Giant Fantasy

The Loneliness Of The Stone Giant

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Not a tear falls from the Stone Giant’s eyes:

The wintry wind blows upon his back.


No more cuddle for the stony cheeks:

The giant looks down at his hands, older than thousand years.


His legs of rock are covered with moss:

Only a pale moonlight shines over his shoulders.


His memory stands still like the stones, turned towards his folks:


The loneliness of the Stone Giant is infinite…

dungeon synth cloak

Years In The Mirror

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At night we look the same

My eyes become your eyes


We wander through the woods


My lies become your lies

dungeon synth musician

The Bard Without Beard

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Please my Lord, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Madelan, also known as the Bard Without Beard all across the Land of the Five Seasons!


Many stories have been told and each of them is a small chapter in the very old book of our Kingdom: I do my best to bring alive these songs in the old tradition of the School of the Elvish harp!


I have not always lived in the Kingdom of Erang and I remember my mountains, years ago, when the first snow was falling over the farm of my family in our valley far below. The dawn over the Crystal Mountains, in the winter, is something unforgettable for those who’ve seen it once… Forever, my heart belongs to the North!


It is said that, years and years ago when the first men came to settle in the valley of Lobrok, some of them were able to see - by very clear weather - the numerous Stone Giants who use to live on the top of the Crystal Mountains.


Nowadays, we’re not seeing them anymore... Some think that they’ve never existed while others say that only one of them still remains… and that the loneliness of this Stone Giant is infinite.


As for me, I know that once they were real!


That being said, it is anyway far too dangerous to stay around the mountains because of the people of the crystal cave who live inside now. Their eyes are like sparks in the ice cave but when you see them it is often too late: the large and cold claws are already in your nape and you will sleep at night in a warm coffin made of snow.


I don’t live there anymore and I’ve walked on many roads, alone by the starlight... Because of events I won’t tell you today, I was hereby banished from the village of Lobrok at the age of seventeenth.

My parents were crushed and after my sad farewell to them and my friends, I turned my back forever. Only those who left their home could understand the deep and sincere pain in my heart on that day…

All along the years I met many and many Erangers during my travels! Now that I’m the last of my name, I can pretty much say that no one knows better than me the tales from our Kingdom.



… but first, let’s pour some wine and beer for our feast of the night!

The Way Of The Horse Rider

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The grey road cuts across the old village.

Slowly, a black horse ridden by an eyeless man makes his path.


The few people here look away when they cross their road:

The long sword does not invite them to ask anything…


One can guess, by looking at the dark and burned blade,

That the Warlocks from the steppes of Kolm cursed it.


The blind man does not seem to give any order:

The animal knows where to go.



Since forever, the Horse Rider sees the road through the eyes of the horse…

lady of the greenberry lodge

The Greenberry Lodge

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There is a Kingdom older than the mountains

And surrounded by the forest like a bezel set gem

Made of wood, stones and green leaves.


Those who don’t know it will never find it.


It has been here since forever,

Invisible to anyone except the golden eagles.


From another world, another time,


Unattainable is this Kingdom by those who have lost their magical fond memories…

dungeon synth dragon

The High Tower

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No one talks about the High Tower without lowered the voice.


Like a dark spear of rotten stones planted into the dusty soil, the High Tower pierces the clouds.


At the top of it, far away, several Dragons are flying endlessly around.


No one knows if they are protecting the Lonely Madman who lives inside or if he is their prisoner.


Some pretend that the eyes of the hermit are yellow and his beard is long as a Dragon’s tail.

Others say that he has never spoke to another human being in his whole life and he only understands the Dragon murmurs…


No one knows…



No one knows but one thing is for sure: if someone is protected by Dragons, do not try to enter… but if it needs several Dragons to keep him prisoner: pray that he never escapes!