All my Dungeon Synth playlists on Spotify

Here you'll find all my music split into many different thematic playlists on Spotify
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Dungeon Synth & Nostalgic Fantasy Music

My main playlist with all my albums together (18 hours)

Old School Dungeon Synth & Dark Dungeon Music

Only my old school dungeon synth

& dark dungeon music in one playlist

Medieval & Celtic Fantasy Folk

a playlist of Medieval Folk to escape reality for Another World, Another Time...

Magical Forest & Mystical Dungeon Synth

inspired by ancient celtic forests & enchanted woods.

Dungeon Chiptune and 8bit Dungeon Synth

All my 8bit music mixed with other cool Dungeon Chiptune projects.

Arabic Dungeon Synth / Oriental Ambient / Desert Synth

Mine & others Dungeon Synth inspired by arabic atmosphere & middle-east music

Atmospheric Black Metal DS

My Dungeon Synth mixed with Black Metal (or guitars) from my discography in one playlist.

Synthwave and Berlin School

All the synthwave, space synth or berlin school from my discography in 1 playlist.

Troll Music

All the Troll Music from my discography together.

Ambient Dungeon Synth

Only ambient, dark ambient & most atmospheric tracks in one playlist.