Dungeon Synth Free Samples, Ressources and Tutorials

On this page you'll find Dungeon Synth Video Tutorials and Free Dungeon Synth samples pack (one shot samples) that you can use in any DAW. I hope that will be useful to other musicians!

All the sounds and samples in these packs are original and made by myself: VST synthesis from scratch, heavily manipulated presets or distorded & layered samples. The packs are 100% free for commercial use. Just download them and use them as you want. If you can credit me somewhere or with a link to my bandcamp it's fine, but it is not an obligation - you're free.

Of course, do not sell the pack or upload it somewhere else.

Dungeon Synth Free Samples Tome I

65 Dungeon Synth one shot samples of 10 keys, 10 strings, 10 leads, 10 pads, 10 percussions, 5 plucked, 5 sfx & 5 noises.

FREE DOWNLOAD HERE ▶ https://erang.bandcamp.com/album/dungeon-synth-free-samples-pack


Dungeon Synth Free Samples Tome II

60 Dungeon Synth one shot samples of 10 Drone, 13 Pad, 5 lead, 5 piano vintage, 5 plucked strings, 5 toms, 10 metal percussion & 7 weird sounds. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE ▶ https://erang.bandcamp.com/album/dungeon-synth-free-samples-pack-tome-ii



Dungeon Synth VST : my TOP 10 favorite plugins (instruments and effects)

How to make Dungeon Synth

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