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2 hours and 30 minutes compilation of Dungeon Synth and Medieval Fantasy Music: my first 4 full albums mixed together.

(Many people use it as background music while reading a good Fantasy book or playing RPG and tabletop games: I'm honored and strongly support role-playing games!!

Albums included are: Tome I / Tome II / Tome III / Tome IV )

How to make Dungeon Synth

Some thoughts & personal advice for beginners. I often receive mails and messages from people who ask me how to make Dungeon Synth, so I hope this little tutorial will help them.

Dungeon Synth VST : my personal TOP 10 favorite plugins

This is a short list of my best 10 favorite VST plugins to make Dungeon Synth. I've used them on several of my albums.

Another 3 hours compilation of Dungeon Synth full albums and Medieval Fantasy Music.

(Same as above but with a more "epic" sounds. Albums are: Another World, Another Time / Casting the Ancient Spell Again / Within the Land of my Imagination I am the only God  )

Dungeon Synth - "The Dark Dungeon" | Official Music Video by Erang

( My first Official Music Video of Dungeon Synth: I made it with heart & passion and I hope you'll understand the technical flaws: I'm not a professional

and I NEVER want to be a professional. I made everything by myself and I still make my art the same way I use to make it when I was a child... Forever raw!

- Partly inspired by the work of Ralph Bakshi and oldschool animation movies from the 70's and the 80's)

Dungeon Synth / Pagan Folk - "I saw your Ghost in the Woods" | Official Music Video by Erang

Official Music Video of "I saw your Ghost in the Woods" from the album "We are the Past"

A dark & surreal tale partly inspired by the movie Dark Crystal and old stop motion films... there is an involuntary Tim Burton vibe in it )